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Newsletter 001

|                   Author: Charlotte Laskowski                              |
|                     Date: 02-01-2024                                       |
|                    Title: Newsletter 001                                   |
|                                                                            |

Yesterday I got a wild hair and, disappointed with available email and newsletter services, wrote my own. It’s not going to be perfect yet, but it’s been wonderful to use so far. It’s built with Go, Resend, and Pop. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions about it or if the email comes messed up in some way. I really prefer to have the most control I can from the software I use. Notable features:

If you have anything you’d like me to share, shoot me an email or DM. I’ll do my best to include everything I can.

THIS WEEK IN PROPHECY: It’s Zine Month! Yay! But Venus is in Capricorn, and you know what that means. If you’re launching something, you’re going to fund, but a new breed of backers has been invented and you’re not ready for them. If you’re a backer, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about! The Sun is in Aquarius, and you’ll manage to find something that scratches that itch of exactly what you didn’t know you wanted. Good luck!

THIS WEEK IN BIG HOG NEWS: Songbirds 3e by our very own Snow is funded on Kickstarter, but the campaign is still going! The Red Version, with textual differences from the Blue Version, will only be available during the Kickstarter and the pre-ordering phase afterwards. Get it while it’s hot! (Also I, Charlotte, drew the cover art for both versions!) Take a look!

HAPPY99 will hopefully be launching sometime in April. HAPPY99 is a hacking TTRPG set in the year 1996. The world ends in 3 years, and your only concern is breaking into the systems of corporations and users alike in Edge City, Nebraska. You build your own computer under the constraints of the character you have chosen and attempt to hack into the computer built by your opponent before they get into yours. In a few weeks, expect a demo file with that week’s newsletter! Physically, will be a 2 CD set, with one CD featuring a soundtrack made by Snow and the other CD containing play aids and text documents for the game. The game itself will also be found as the inserts for the CDs, where one booklet will hold PVP rules and the other will hold a solo campaign. Sign up on the prelaunch page, or else.

Celestial Bodies Jam was extended for one week, so there’s about 8 days until it ends! If you so desire to create something for the mech mech TTRPG created by me and Binary Star Games, now’s your chance. (It’s okay if you want to make something later. I’ll still add it to the Celestial Bodies collection if you show me what you made!)

Terror of the Stratosfiend : SNAKE WOLF 3 is currently funding on Kickstarter. I did some art for this book (featured on the KS page!) and that is always really exciting for me to see become real. It’s a completed Dungeon23 project made for DCC.

THIS WEEK IN FRIENDS: GODSPARK by M Allen Hall is a solo tabletop game where you traverse the graveyard of the gods, stealing the power from the fallen deities in hopes that you may ascend and escape. It’s already funded and hit multiple stretch goals! Allen is an awesome creator and I’m really excited for this game!

Milk Bar by Eryk Sawicki has started funding today for Zine Month. A hack of Cairn, Milk Bar has everything you could ever want in a scifi OSR communist Poland game: pierogi mechanics. It looks beautiful, and Eryk is an excellent rival to have - the higher this funds, the higher the bar for my next project. If you want me to make good stuff, you need to support my rival, too.

Little Wolves is a fantasy fairy and magic TTRPG that will be funding on Backerkit on May 14th. In it, you play as a werewolf - the only denizens of the woods who can traverse it wholly and discover the secrets within. I’m a big fan of Dinoberry Press and what they put out, so I’m really excited for this!

MIRU 3 is the third installment in the MIRU series, a set of solo games created by Hinokodo. Unlike the first two, with exploration and travel as a focus, MIRU 3 is more akin to a tower defense game. If you like solo games at all, I definitely recommend the MIRU series.